"Installing" VeriPrism

First, a tongue-in-cheek apology. During development we had a design requirement of “Put your code there, point us there, execute, retrieve the results there.”  It seems we met that requirement.  So with apologies to those of us who grew up with Red Books, Tech Notes, reference manuals, onboarding engagements, configurators, install teams, and “go live” anxiety – the following is all there is.

VeriPrism is Software As a Service built on machine learning in the AWS cloud.  Most of the complex setup and onboarding required by competitive products is handled with no human intervention.  The cloud analysis engine looks at the files you  stage and adjusts itself to process the scans automatically. You pick the staging location(s) on compatible platforms. Accordingly, there are only a few local requirements:

  1. Python 3.x and pip must already be installed on your local Linux, Windows, or Mac platform and available to all users.  Install per your Linux repository requirements, or download from Python.org.
  2. Install the AWS CLI v2 using the instructions below.  Code from GitHub or other platforms (e.g. z/OS or other mainframe environments), will need to be staged on one of the three compatible platforms for analysis.  If you have v1 of the CLI installed, please remove and use v2.  Instructions for removal are provided in the install links below.  Only Linux 64-bit/ARM and current Win/Mac environments are supported by the AWS CLI.
    To install the AWS CLI, please refer to the Linux, Windows, or Mac instructions at Amazon AWS.
  3. Install the AWS Python SDK, boto3, by issuing the command “pip (or pip3) install boto3”
  4. Download AWS CLI configuration credentials for each authorized user from the secure link sent via email.
  5. Download the Python scripts preconfigured for your security profile using the secure link sent via email.

Please note that all scripts must be executed on the machine(s) from which code will be staged for analysis.  That is, the machines attached to the local drives which contain the code to be analyzed must execute the scripts.  Scripts run