Code Analysis Done Right - Now!

  • BETTER! Operates at the logical instead of the language level delivering reliable, repeatable results
  • FASTER! Receive analysis results hours to days faster than the competition
  • CHEAPER! Generous Enterprise licensing – no lines of code, application, or instance limits
  • Supports any code development process – traditional SDLC, Agile, Waterfall, DevOps – method agnostic
  • Globally-accepted software quality rulesĀ from CISQ, OWASP, and othersĀ with deterministic sizing metricsĀ 
  • Software development and governance expertise from the Global 100 and Big 4 Firms
  • Cloud delivery, zero onboarding, zero configuration, zero consulting – by design, and necessity, in 2020!
  • Lines of Code (LOC), accurate Automated Function and Enhancement Points (AFP/AEP), and the revolutionary new Intelligent Sizing Unitsā„¢ (ISUs)Ā to aid in governance and productivity measurements
  • Usable true productivity metrics including technical debt, net change, portfolio valuation, vendor effectiveness, development estimating, including full data extract for your own custom metrics
  • Language-independent Application DNAā„¢Ā deterministic analysis – not an algorithmic “MRI” subject to interpretation
  • Advanced pattern matching produces near six sigma results vs. competitor “best grep” estimationsĀ 
  • Developed during unprecedented times, delivering unparalleled resultsĀ 

Application DNA is the key differentiator between VeriPrism and all current tools in the Software Intelligence category.  In this context, DNA refers to Digital Neural Artifacts such as assignments, branches, flow, callable units and so on – the unique characteristics of computer instructions.  

We are not reading languages and looking for common faults as expressed in that language.  We have developed an Application DNA Fault pattern for each violation and common weakness.  We reduce each language to a common set of patterns, and then look for any fault patterns within that common set.  

VeriPrism analyzes the Application DNA in much the same way that a compiler renders a language to the processor.  It is this technology which allows us to deliver results far more quickly and with far greater accuracy than the competition.

Having access to the code DNA also provides another important benefit, it enables you to add custom markers to the analysis – called VeriPrism Structured Comments – utilizing the comment structure already present in all computer programming languages.  Learn more about this in the Governance section of this site.


  • Java
  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Go
  • php
  • .NET
  • SQL
  • PL/1
  • Fortran
  • PowerBuilder
  • PeopleCodeĀ 
  • ABAP
  • Ruby
  • Visual Basic
  • Erlang
  • Kotlin
  • Modula-2
  • Pascal
  • PLC
  • Prolog
  • R
  • Rexx
  • Scala
  • Smalltalk
  • XPath
  • Logo (Turtle)
  • Swift

What you don't know about your custom code IS costing you...

  • For all Application Management Services (AMS):
    • Are you achieving high quality, tranformative results from your custom software?
    • How does total cost line up with total code base?
    • How much and how often is your code changing – and where?
    • What is your technical debt and how is it being managed?
    • Are the most efficient resources applied to the most critical applications?
  • For outsourced AMS:
    • Can you have absolutely objective conversations with your vendors about productivity?
    • Are you receiving quality code or just activity justifying the invoice?
    • Are remote resources objectively as cost effective as onshore resources?
    • Would you like to have absolute certainty on ARC/RRC calculations based on lines of code, story points, and other supposedly objective but frequently argued metrics?
  • For Outsourcers:
    • Tired of taking your best guess at code base during bidding and the resulting unending ARC/RRC conversations?
    • Would you like to know your customer’s objective view of work product before invoicing?
    • Are you certain your coders are delivering best in class, rule-compliant, code?
    • Would you like to benchmark against the globe vs. a contractually chosen pool?
    • Do you know which of your teams produces the highest quality code, not just the most billable code?
    • Would you like to clear more quality gates while obtaining higher user acceptance and satisfaction?Ā 

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